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asa supplies to a wide range of applications and markets. The versatility of the oil to air coolers with the innovative connection system allows easy integration in all markets where a cooling system is installed. Butterfly valves, heat exchangers and pumps are suitable for a wide range of industrial, mobile or green energy markets. asa can help you designing any cooling system with more than 40 years in global market experience.


Asahyd USA Compressors

Asa supplies for special cooling requirements for compressed air, compressor oil with our custom air fin and oil turbulator development. The standard and custom heat exchangers are installed for charge air und engine coolings systems as well.

Production Machines

Asahyd USA Production Machines

Compact asa kidney loops are a modular cooling system used in lubrication units and cooling systems in industrial environment. The offline unit is available with water or air cooled heat exchanger including the motor/pump group. We offer a solution for every steel, plastic, or other processing and production machinery.

Hydraulic Power Units

Asahyd USA Hydraulic Power Units

The flexiblity of asa products is acknowledged from many power unit manufacturers. The compact integration of asa cooling systems in HPU allows for quick and easy designing of hydraulic power packs.

Process and Energy Industry

Asahyd USA Process and Energy Industry

The broad market of energy industry trust in asa engineering capability to offer standard and custom products to serve their markets. Power unit, servo motor support or electrical grid cooling products can be installed to flexible mounting situations.

Offshore & Shipbuilding

Asahyd USA Offshore & Shipbuilding

Special coated and highly resistant heat exchangers and components are being delivered to the offshore and naval industry. asa offer Shelltube heat exchangers and high pressure compensators for marine equipment.

Oil & Gas

Asahyd USA Oil & Gas

The complete value chain of Oil & Gas is supported from asa standard product ranges. From wellsites to refinery and transporting fuels asa coolers withstand the highest industry requirements.

Renewable Energies

Asahyd USA Renewable Energies

The ever-growing market of green energy solution is a focus market for asa. The engineering and simulation capabilities for corrosion, air and oil flow computing provided optimal solutions for hydrogen, wind, solar and innovative fuels concepts. We support every project with highly efficient cooling systems.

Construction Machines

Asahyd USA Construction Machines

More than 40 years experience in providing cooling systems for construction equipment proves the durability and high-quality of asa manufactured products. Easy clean heat exchangers for dusty construction sites and low emissions for urban development projects prove as an optimal solution for construction machinery.

Mining & Recycling

Asahyd USA Mining & Recycling

Clogging controlled forced air coolers offer optimal performance in mining and recycling equipment. We cover the harshest conditions with leading coatings and corrosion treatment of our heavyduty heat exchangers.

Electric & Electronic Cooling

Asahyd USA Electric & Electronic Cooling

asa is leading the development of cooling systems in the electrification of drive trains. Benefit from our broad experience in designing battery, electric control or charging cooling solutions. We manage coolant and oil cooling systems with our pump, tank, cooling and control products.

Municipal and Commercial Vehicles

Asahyd USA Municipal and Commercial Vehicles

The urbanization and emission standards require low noise, compact and durable cooling solutions for commercial vehicles. asa offers standardized coolers for sweepers, vacuum trucks, garbage and all forms of municipial vehicles.

Handling and Lifting Equipment

Asahyd USA Handling and Lifting Equipment

The core market of our historic development proves the innovative edge of designing cooling systems for material handling equipment. The compact and flexible integration of heat exchanger and fan for mobile lifting and crane equipment proves the technological leadership in this market.

Agricultural and Forestry Industry

Asahyd USA Agricultural and Forestry Industry

Standard agricultural air fins for forestry and agricultural machines allow optimal cleaning and performance for tractors, seeders, sprayers and other agricultural equipment. Our industrial line support all kind of wood and food processing plants.

On- Off Highway

Asahyd USA On- Off Highway

asa delivers a wide range of standard and custom coolers for on- and off-highway equipment. Our testing facilities allow in-house approval of automotive and industry standard and norms. Radiators, heat exchangers and hydraulic couplings are integrated to any platform design.