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SAE-and CETOP Flanges

Flanges according SAE- and CETOP-standard are mostly used in hydraulic systems, where dynamic operation and pressure peaks can lessen the function of the components.

The SAE-standard was especially designed for block systems in hydraulics, because the positions of the holes of the present standards were not suitable

ASA Hydraulik can provide SAE-design: 3000 PSI (210 bar) and 6000 PSI (420 bar)

Standard flanges from ASA Hydraulik are the following SAE- Flanges with metric screws for threads:

• Butt weld flanges ST
• Counter butt weld flanges AGST
• Double butt weld flanges DST
• Adapter welding flanges CST
• Closed flanges B
• BSP-thread flanges G
• Elbow thread flanges EG
• Split flanges H
• Double butt weld flanges DST= Butt weld flange ST + counter butt weld flange AGST

Special flanges are those not mentioned in the catalogue, and those with UNC- screws and threads. Standard types have a delivery time of at least 4 weeks. Further we treat all flanges produced according CETOP standard as special flanges.

Special flanges have a markup for transport of 5%. If the special flanges are not in the program of our supplier we have to charge the double price, if the quantity of the order is less than 10 pieces.

To ensure that the 5" flanges (3000 PSI) are compatible with the AF 125 on the side for the connection with the tank the diameter of the hole has to be 127mm (requested by standard).

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