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Inventory for Components for Oil / Air coolers

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Inventory for Components for Oil / Air Coolers

To insure a quick delivery all components of the standard oil / air coolers are in stock, in proportion to the frequency of their sales (large coolers e.g. OKO 70-5 appr. 5-10 pcs.; smaller cooler e.g. OKO 35-C appr. 60-100 pcs.).

This results in the ability to fulfill the deliveries of high quantities of coolers within a week.

If there are not all components of the oil/air cooler in stock, we have the following delivery times for the components:

Components: Delivery time:
Cooler element 8/10 weeks
Fan unit (DC) 6 weeks
Fan unit (AC) 2 weeks
Fan (AC) 5 weeks
Three-phase motor 1 week
Housings and fan guard 6 weeks

Our staff is looking forward to giving you information about available components of our oil / air coolers.

Take into account that information about delivery time is with exceptions, because of intermediate sales, so the quantity on hand can quickly change.

We like to refer, that reservation of oil / air coolers or other components is impossible, please tell your customer about this point if necessary.

If several customers order the same cooler, but we do not have sufficient pieces on hand to satisfy all customers, we work on the orders in the same order we receive them. Orders can be done in writing or orally.

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