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Inventory for Assembled Oil / Air Coolers

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Inventory for Assembled Oil / Air Coolers

All oil / air coolers shown in the catalogue are assembled and packed in the warehouse. The number of oil / air coolers in stock depends on the frequency this type is sold and is about 5pcs. to 30 pcs. (Large oil / air coolers e.g. OKO 70-5 only 1 piece).

Because all oil / air coolers are packed , it is not possible to adapt or complete the oil / air coolers with other parts (e.g. terminal box or motor for special voltage). If changes are needed a new oil / air cooler must be assembled. Delivery time is then 1 week, presupposing that all components are available.

Depending on utilization of the production, it is possible in urgent cases that assembly can be done within one day.

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