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Butterfly Valves (butterfly flanges): The compact design of butterfly valves (butterfly flanges) have great advantages when compared with ball valves. The thickness of the housing of the butterfly valve is 40mm for the sizes 50 to 125 and only 35mm for size 40.

By using integrated sealing on the tank side of the
butterfly valve (butterfly flanges), it is possible to keep the time of installation low. No additional parts are necessary. There is one requirement: The contact surface of the tank needs a minimum roughness of 1,6 um. For sizes NG40 to NG63 the mounting holes are arranged in DIN standard. The other side of the butterfly valve is prepared for SAE-connectors. Sizes NG80 to NG125 have additional to the DIN standard holes for SAE connectors on the tank side:

Attention: DIN-holes differ from the standard: with size NG40 to NG63 only screws with thread M12 can be used and not M16 according to DIN2512 ND 10 and ND 16. Sizes NG80 to NGF125 are according with the standard M16.

The rotation direction of the lever can be changed by repositioning the block from left to right. The spring-loaded lock fixes the lever in two positions: "open" and "closed". The lever position is corresponding to the
butterfly valve (butterfly flanges).

Options: • Mechanic or inductive switch
• Sealing made of EPDM or VITON
• Removable lever
Area of use: • Construction machinery
• Stationary and mobile hydraulic aggregates.
• As shut-off valve at tanks
• Pipelines with pressure of max. 6 bar (87 psi)

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